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+66 (0) 95 575 54 54


Arsen Kishishian – A Short Biography
Where it all began …

Arsen Kishishian was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, 30th October 1981.  As an only child, Arsen was raised in a sporting family where his father, Sergey Kishishian, played professional basketball for one of Ukraine’s elite teams.

Inspired by his father, Arsen naturally wished to follow in the same  footsteps, leading his own professional basketball career. As fate would have it, 8yr old Arsen’s world would change from a path involving courts, shorts, boys and sports, to pants, dance, music and …  ”Oh my god – girls!”

Galina Kishishian, Arsen’s mother, is said to be in Arsen’s words, the one to “blame for all this dancing nonsense”, although in hindsight Arsen could not have been more thankful to his loving mother for this incredible gift.

Galina had been approached by a friend to ask if Arsen could partner her daughter in dance – “Not interested! I only want play basketball” Arsen recalls as his response. Galina and her friend both seeing the potential in the idea, decided to ask Arsen one more time – thankfully this time he decided to give it ago. From that day forth “Arsen the dancer” was born.

Galina and Sergey felt life in the former USSR would not provide their son with the opportunities they desired for him. In 1991, driven by the want of a better future,  Arsen and his parents immigrated to Australia.


Welcome to Australia

The Kishishian family did not know what to expect from this foreign and strangely large island. Stereotypical stories of kangaroos, koalas and banana trees lining every road had been heard. The Kishishian family were pleaseantly surprised to find Australia much less primitive than the tales would tell. Arsen recalls the only true tale was that there were “insects galore”.

Falling in love with Australia wasn’t hard, however there were real struggles to be told regarding the cultural differences. Arsen battled to fit in at school. Cultural and language barriers caused communication difficulties with other children, Australian humour and “ozzie slang” limited the connection between the kids.

Nonetheless Arsen does have some fond memories. Flash forward to a rather amusing memory  in high school where Arsen, after enduring the constant taunts of schoolmates for “being soft” and “doing a girl sport” decided to get his own back. In full knowledge of the outcome Arsen dared those high school bullies to attend one of his training sessions. What those boys then witnessed was every boy’s dream. There they were, fit teenage girls wearing attractive dancewear dancing in an often provocative manner up close and personal with, you guessed it – Arsen. The joke was on them. Whilst those boys ran around playing sport in shorts with other sweaty boys, Arsen was doing the same, but with girls in skirts.

Needless to say Arsen was no longer taunted for his dancing.

Dancing in Australia

Once settled in Australia, Arsen returned to dancing.  Arsen’s potential was instantly realised and he was referred on to a professional coach. Now as they say – the rest is history…

Arsen went on to win multiple Australian Championships in different age categories & styles.

In 2001 at the age of 19, Arsen’s dancing career launched into stardom when he teamed up with the incredibly talented Alarna Donovan. That’s when things really got serious.

Dancing became a full time gig which saw the couple travel overseas to as far as Britain, Germany, Miami, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, and Amsterdam. Arsen and Alarna had hit the big time! The couple were now training with the top coaches whilst representing Australia in major worldwide competitions.

~ Arsen and Alarna became Australia’s unbeatable champions ~

Arsen and Alarna went on to win many more titles, most notably:

  •     4 Times Australian Latin American Champion
  •     4 Times Australia’s Number 1 Representative to the World Latin American Championships
  •     4 Times Highest Placed Australian at the British Open to the World Latin American Championships. (Blackpool,UK)
  •     Open to the World British Rising Star Latin Champions – recognized as THE most important and prestigious event in the Dancesport World calendar.
  •     Highest ranked Australian Couple – 13th, British Open to the World Latin American Division (Blackpool, UK)
  •     World Imperial Grand Prix Amateur Latin American Champions (Tokyo, Japan)
  •     World Dance Festival Amateur Latin American Champion (Tokyo, Japan).
  •     Awarded Australia’s Most Outstanding Dancesport Athletes for 2004 (Wollongong Australia)

Television & Entertainment Career

Arsens entertainment career started early at the young age of 12. He spent time performing at various reception centres, concerts, stage shows and multiple private functions. Clients fell in love with this vibrant, charismatic youngster who was full of energy, passion, and such a  joy to watch.

Over the years Arsen continued to wow the crowds with his outstanding Latin American floorshows.
To name a few:

  •     Demonstration couple for 5 seasons & live performances on Australia’s hit show “Dancing with the Stars”
  •     Channel 7 – Telethon
  •     Channel 9 – Renovation Rescue
  •     IBM Presentation Night
  •     Accor Hotel Gala Night
  •     Melbourne Cup Ball, plus many more…

For a full list of TV appearances & past performances please click here

Teaching Career

Arsen began his teaching career at the young age of 17. He found a renewed sense of passion by sharing the joy of dance through teaching others. Arsen continues this journey of dance inspiration through his debut dance studio “Arsen Dance”. Arsen strongly believes that anyone, of any level, with absolutely any goal can come and learn to dance. Arsen Dance gurantees to make the expereince one of endless, with fun, laughter and simplicity.

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Let's Dance, Thailand | Arsen Kishishan | Phone: +66 (0) 95 575 54 54