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+66 (0) 95 575 54 54


Let's Dance is a social dance studio specializing in Latin American dancing education – Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Jive & Paso Doble. We offer educational dance classs - Group classes, private tuition, regular social dance nights, dance parties, performances, showcases & medal examinations.

We also offer classes in - Zumba & will be adding to our schedule Pole dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Hip Hop & other forms of dance

Are you getting married & wanting to surprise everyone with a personal tailored dance? We can help you with that too.



“Dancing has been my entire life. I have invested over 20 years into studying, learning, practicing, performing & teaching the wonderful "World of Dance". Through the years I have had the privilege of working with many great coaches & trainers from around the world. Many of them are past World Champions & train many world-class dancers to date. The enormous amount of knowledge i gained through all the years is now being passed on to all my teachers & students. No matter if you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned competitor, it’s an amazing feeling seeing one change in front of your eyes all because of the Fun & Joy dance brings you”.

Arsen Kishishian



At Let's Dance Studio we specialize in teaching & educating students the wonderful joy of Latin American Dancing for anyone at any level. With our Head instructor & director Arsen Kishishian being known as the Guru in this field of dance, its no wonder our students speak for us the confidence in our knowledge & quality.



Learning to dance is easy & loads of fun. You don’t need a partner or previous dance experience. We offer fun, affordable, quality dance lessons, dance parties & social dancing. Our focus is ALL ABOUT YOU. It’s not about how much knowledge we have or our achievements, we care for you to have fun, enjoyment & underneath all that also learn to dance with quality.


One of our main goals with you whether your in our Group Classes or Privet Lessons is to teach you to be able to FREESTYLE when your dancing at social outings.This means you will be able to ask anyone to dance and either lead or follow in any dance without the need for any set routines.

You will have skills & knowledge to be able to dance with anyone on the dance floor. That’s the beauty of dance when you can ask someone to dance with you & just let it all go & be FREE to ENJOY THE MOMENT.



We are inviting, friendly and very approachable. Our teachers are very experienced & are passionate about teaching you to dance. It doesn’t matter what level you are, beginner or advanced, anyone can learn to dance at Let's Dance Studio.

Private Lessons – here is where you get your personal one-on-one tuition with an instructor. Your tailored dance program is set out for your needs & you will work closely with your instructor to achieve your dance goals.

Group Classes – great way to practise & polish your moves learned in your privet lessons or if your just enjoying our group classes, it’s a great way to learn to dance in a social environment while meeting other people as well.

Wedding – Getting married?? Need a dance for your wedding?? We will provide you with your own personal tailored dance to your choice of music. If your not sure bout what you want to do, we will guide you & create one just as you want it to be.

We also have regular Social Nights, Dance and theme parties, Social outings and Medal nights. For more information and dates please go to our events page

Contact us to get started!


315/53-54, Thep Prasit Road, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand



+66 (0) 95 575 54 54



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Let's Dance, Thailand | Arsen Kishishan | Phone: +66 (0) 95 575 54 54