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+66 (0) 95 575 54 54


Cha Cha

Lively, flirtatious, playful & cheeky dance full of passion and energy. The classic "Cuban motion" gives the Cha Cha Cha its unique style. Compact dance with not much travelling around the floor but is definitely a fun & up beat rhythmical dance.

Danced to songs such like:

    Duffy – Mercy
    Lady Gagga – Poker face, Paparazzi & Telephone
    Kesha – Tik Tok
    Taio Cruz Dynamite
    Cee Lo Green – Forget you
    Enrique Iglesias – Escape
    Elvis – A little less conversation
    Michael Buble – Sway
    Santana – Smooth
    Michael Jackson – Billie jean


A Brazilian origin dance – fun, exciting & challenging because of its bounce action & rhythmic timing. Known for its Carnival dance from Rio, it’s really a body rhythm dance with its unique pelvic action

Danced to songs like:

    Gypsy kings - bamboleo
    Ricky martin – drop it on me & labomba
    Enrique iglesias – bailamos
    Jennifer Lopez – aint it funny
    Sergio mendes – mas que nada
    John paul young – love is in the air
    Michael Jackson – you rock my world


This is the slow, seductive & very sensual dance of the Latin genre often referred to as the “dance of love”. Lots of body & hip action is required with soft hand movements.

Danced to songs like:

    Tina arena – Chains
    Chris de burgh - Lady in Red
    Michael Buble – Song for you & Always on my mind
    John Mayer – Waiting on the world to change
    Maroon 5 – Secret
    Santana – Maria maria
    Diana Krall – The look of love
    George Michael – Jesus to a child
    Andrea Bocelli – Besame mucho


The fastest dance of the Latin style with high level of energy required performing this very active dance. Fast leg movements with high knee action, kicks & flicks makes this dance a familiar to Rock N Roll.

Danced to songs like:

    Lou Bega - Mambo number 5
    Jerry Lee Lewis – Great balls of fire
    The veronicas – untouched
    Elvis – blue sued shoes & hound dog
    Rihanna – SOS
    Katy Perry – kissed a girl
    Alesha Dixon – boy does nothing
    Christina Aguilera – Candy man
    Chris Issak – Baby did a bad thing
    Little Richie – Titti Frutti, good golly miss molly
    Chubby Checkers – Let’s do the twist

Paso Doble

Very different & unique dance of the Bull Fight where the man portrays the matador in the ring with the lady often portraying a Spanish lady or his cape. Sharp, muscular & intense dance with strong lines made all the way through the body. Posture differs a lot from the other dances.

Flamenco actions are also used in this dance to characterize the Spanish influence.

Danced to songs like:

    Espani Cani – is the most frequent & authentic song used but can be danced to:
    Scott & Frans – Strictly Ballroom
    Pink – So what
    Survivor - Eye of the tiger


Just like the sauce it self “Salsa” is hot, saucy, spicy & sexy. Get ready for lots of shaking, shimming & fast feet movements with intricate combo moves its definitely jam packed energy dance.

Danced to songs like:

    Joy Enrique – Shake up the party
    Madonna – La isla bonita
    Jlo & Marc Anthony – No me Ames
    Celia Cruz – A night of salsa
    Ran kan kan


Let's Dance, Thailand | Arsen Kishishan | Phone: +66 (0) 95 575 54 54